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" I just wanted to say thank you for Christian email. I have been telling everyone about you. I was fed up with H------ and all the p--- ads they allow in. I signed my kids ( ages 11, 9, 4 ) up for their own H----- account and in two weeks they had porn ads. It made me sick to think they could be so easily exposed to such garbage. Then I found SaintMail! What a blessing! Thank you so much for offering this great alternative to the secular email companies out there. " J.J.-Tulsa, OK

" I am presently looking for an alternative to Y----- mail. I have recently seen a legal brief in The Washington Watch September 2001 edition, a publication of Family Research Council, that details appalling content that
Y----- is supporting by allowing on their site ( child p---, in----, etc. ) . . . I am thankful for the stand you are making. I am so glad to see you giving God the glory. "
P.T.-Glasgow, Scotland

" Dear friend,
Thank you for continuing with this first class service.
I am a missionary and the administator of our Christian organisation here in Hong Kong. " P.S.-Hong Kong
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There is no substitute for the Spirit of God.

The fruits of the Spirit are plainly visible in both individuals and in businesses made up of those individuals. At SaintMail, we work for our Members as if we are working unto the Lord.

-can you say that about the other email services?

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We are not saints by our conduct
-We are saints by God's grace.
 We are not waiting to become saints
-We became saints through faith in Christ
With a SaintMail Email account - let everyone know in whose Name you have come!
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bullet gif A Christian email account that is free of pop up Ads, we carry no porn making this a very friendly family service that is both easy to use and safe for children, teenagers and Senior Citizens.
bullet gif WebMail Center. You can manage your SaintMail account from the Internet. Anytime. Anywhere.
bullet gif IMAP 4 or POP 3. You decide the protocol ! More choice means you can retrieve and manage your E-Mail the way you want to!
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Address Book Management
Spell Check

User Dictionary
Customizable Folders
Mail Filters
bullet gif Your choice of username. Your choice of password.
bullet gif Change your ISP and Keep your Email Account!
bullet gif SaintMail mail servers are among the fastest and most reliable in the business.
bullet gif No extra connections required. No SMTP mail gateways required for the Webmail Center. Works with any existing Internet connection.
bullet gif 100 Megabytes of storage.
bullet gif Every time you send an email to someone you are acknowledging God's grace by your address. It is by His grace we have been made saints!
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